Tanya Ali-jani

Tanya Ali-jani


Hi! My name is Tanya Ali-jani  

I am a Sound Healing Practitioner, Yoga and Meditation Teacher and Breathwork Guide. After having a profound transcendental experience in Meditation that completely transformed my life and freed me of my past and physical/mental health conditions, it became my hearts purpose to guide others to have the same experience of wholeness, of connection and peace within themselves.  

During last seven years I have studied, trained and practiced with teachers and healers from around the world, delving deeply into ancient teachings of mystics and masters before us, to the science of Energy, Neuroscience and Biology and how they work. This foundation of learning gave me the knowledge to be able to experience these transcendental moments for myself, to tap into different ways of being and living, empowering myself to live life from a place of connection and balance between my heart which I believe is the key to living a fulfilled life, and my mind- finding the perfect harmony between both.  

 We all have access to so much potential and power within us and only tap into a small percentage of it. Living on autopilot, many of us end up living unfulfilled lives that are not authentic to our souls blueprint because of social and cultural conditioning and repressed emotions, memories and trauma.

This was my ‘normal’ for 28 years of my life until I reached that moment that changed how I see the world and my place in the world forever.



The life I lead now is full of presence, acceptance, joy and compassion, and it is my hearts desire to guide others to their own inner freedom, to realise their true potential and to tap into the magic that waits for each and every one of us once we make the choice to be free.

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