Immogen Courtney

Immogen Courtney


My name is Immogen.

I am a Makeup Artist who wants to infiltrate the beauty industry and break the unrealistic beauty standards put on us by society. I’ve always had a deep interest and pull towards philosophy, spirituality and self-development. These interests truly helped pull me out of the difficult place I was in growing up and drew me inward to heal what needed to be healed within me. To this day that work plays a big part in who I am and how I navigate my world.  

Growing up wasn’t easy for me and I was faced with some pretty dark times. I rejected myself and my body based on societal views and what I thought I needed to be, to be worthy. 

My environment externally and internally tormented me until I hit rock bottom and came to the realisation the only person that could get me out of this was me. 

That has been an ongoing 7 year journey to get me to where I am today. Connecting with my spirituality and my body (my home) working from the inside out to bring me peace in my life. It has been one hell of a ride. I am so grateful for the tools I have now to see beauty within myself and the world around me, which is why I am so passionate to bring my message through my work, especially given the industry I am in. I know exactly how hard and straining it is to live in a vessel that you feel so disconnected with and always want to change. I aim to make a shift in the ideas we have surrounding beauty for not only ourselves, but the generations to come. To use Makeup as a tool to highlight the favourite parts of ourselves and express ourselves through art…but on our face! 

There truly are no rules in makeup and we can be comfortable ‘as we are’ if we allow ourselves to embrace our differences.



Living AS I AM means going with the flow and rhythm of life and ourselves. Embracing the phases we go through physically and mentally, just like nature does. Opening our hearts to change and difference will always allow us to grow as individuals and understand others better so that they have space to live as they are too.

A big part of this is also having goals for yourself to evolve, but acknowledging where you are in the moment and fully accepting that you are on your own journey at your own unique pace. 



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