Dr Diem Mooney

Dr Diem Mooney


Hey, I’m Dr. Diem. I am an industrial organisational psychologist with a passion for professional development and exponential growth. 

I was born and raised in rural Alabama, but have lived all over the world and in many states within the US. I now call Maryland (right outside of DC) home. I grew up in very humble beginnings to an undocumented immigrant father and schizophrenic mother. This resulted in serial homelessness and instability. I was also diagnosed with OCD, autism, and a learning disability at an early age. But I decided that I wanted more out of life. So, I made a plan! I joined the US Navy where I was able to gain exposure to many different cultures, places, people, ideas, and perspectives. I used every new opportunity to GROW! I focused on self-improvement which helped me develop a solid sense of self. I was then able to help develop others, starting with my wife and son who I uplift at all cost. 

Once my personal affairs were in order, I was finally able to put more of my resources and attention into my professional life. I completed my PhD, started a business, and formed a team. I concentrated on developing and nurturing my team versus productivity metrics. Before I knew it, I had a loyal and devoted group of experts in my corner as I took on million dollar contracts! I now spend my days as a Chief Experience Officer and Executive Coach, helping others GROW!



For me, this means simply being 100% authentically me. I do not believe in making myself small in order to make others around me feel big. Instead, I prefer to help them grow! I am fully aware of the stereotypes and biases around my appearance but refuse to allow the biases of others to dictate how I live my life or what I can accomplish. I make decisions for ME! I set goals for ME! I grow for ME! I am me, Diem Juel Mooney all day, every day, living as my true self. Increasing visibility and representation for others. 

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