Amsha Yogaraj

Amsha Yogaraj


I am Amsha Yogaraj. Currently I am a Masters of Social Work Student, an aspiring social worker, meditation teacher and recently self-published a book with poetry and prose with a friend who illustrated called The Fall, Rise and Growth. I’m currently pursuing Masters of Social Work and am working to get an accreditation as a meditation teacher.

My parents are immigrants from Singapore who migrated here when my sister and I were five. They are of South Indian heritage. My parents are my biggest inspiration and pillars of support. With their support I was fortunate to attain a university qualification and was encouraged by them to pursue hobbies such as Indian classical dance. Expressing myself through dance was when I truly felt like I could reveal myself in a way that was safe and exciting.

Now having grown older, events in our life can change our course, or we can find ourselves in situations we never thought we’d find ourselves in.

Two years ago I had my first panic attack. Having studied psychology I was able to recognise some of the symptoms and confirmed with a therapist that I had generalised anxiety and social anxiety.

In recent years, I turned to other ways to express myself by writing and to ground myself, with meditation, hence my book: The Fall, Rise and Growth came to be. I believe writing the book was also what led me to study a meditation course.



Living AS I AM, is to live each moment with acceptance. Cultivating unconditional positive regard for myself, by accepting my strengths and weaknesses as well as the strengths and weaknesses of others. This isn’t always easy. Especially when caught between my own inner critic or the critic of others, my own validation or the validation of others.

When this happens one of the quotes I wrote to remind myself, that what I’m or others is doing is enough, is called: Placed. ~An excerpt from my book.


‘We are placed here to show the things we can do. When we try to accomplish something, it may not be the same thing everyone else is doing. It may not be the same thing as what the person better than you is doing.

But it is something, and that something is of value’.


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