Hi! My name is Tanya Ali-jani  

I am a Sound Healing Practitioner, Yoga and Meditation Teacher and Breathwork Guide. After having a profound transcendental experience in Meditation that completely transformed my life and freed me of my past and physical/mental health conditions, it became my hearts purpose to guide others to have the same experience of wholeness, of connection and peace within themselves.  

During last seven years I have studied, trained and practiced with teachers and healers from around the world, delving deeply into ancient teachings of mystics and masters before us, to the science of Energy, Neuroscience and Biology and how they work. This foundation of learning gave me the knowledge to be able to experience these transcendental moments for myself, to tap into different ways of being and living, empowering myself to live life from a place of connection and balance between my heart which I believe is the key to living a fulfilled life, and my mind- finding the perfect harmony between both.  

 We all have access to so much potential and power within us and only tap into a small percentage of it. Living on autopilot, many of us end up living unfulfilled lives that are not authentic to our souls blueprint because of social and cultural conditioning and repressed emotions, memories and trauma.

This was my ‘normal’ for 28 years of my life until I reached that moment that changed how I see the world and my place in the world forever.



The life I lead now is full of presence, acceptance, joy and compassion, and it is my hearts desire to guide others to their own inner freedom, to realise their true potential and to tap into the magic that waits for each and every one of us once we make the choice to be free.


My name is Immogen.

I am a Makeup Artist who wants to infiltrate the beauty industry and break the unrealistic beauty standards put on us by society. I’ve always had a deep interest and pull towards philosophy, spirituality and self-development. These interests truly helped pull me out of the difficult place I was in growing up and drew me inward to heal what needed to be healed within me. To this day that work plays a big part in who I am and how I navigate my world.  

Growing up wasn’t easy for me and I was faced with some pretty dark times. I rejected myself and my body based on societal views and what I thought I needed to be, to be worthy. 

My environment externally and internally tormented me until I hit rock bottom and came to the realisation the only person that could get me out of this was me. 

That has been an ongoing 7 year journey to get me to where I am today. Connecting with my spirituality and my body (my home) working from the inside out to bring me peace in my life. It has been one hell of a ride. I am so grateful for the tools I have now to see beauty within myself and the world around me, which is why I am so passionate to bring my message through my work, especially given the industry I am in. I know exactly how hard and straining it is to live in a vessel that you feel so disconnected with and always want to change. I aim to make a shift in the ideas we have surrounding beauty for not only ourselves, but the generations to come. To use Makeup as a tool to highlight the favourite parts of ourselves and express ourselves through art…but on our face! 

There truly are no rules in makeup and we can be comfortable ‘as we are’ if we allow ourselves to embrace our differences.



Living AS I AM means going with the flow and rhythm of life and ourselves. Embracing the phases we go through physically and mentally, just like nature does. Opening our hearts to change and difference will always allow us to grow as individuals and understand others better so that they have space to live as they are too.

A big part of this is also having goals for yourself to evolve, but acknowledging where you are in the moment and fully accepting that you are on your own journey at your own unique pace. 




I am Amsha Yogaraj. Currently I am a Masters of Social Work Student, an aspiring social worker, meditation teacher and recently self-published a book with poetry and prose with a friend who illustrated called The Fall, Rise and Growth. I’m currently pursuing Masters of Social Work and am working to get an accreditation as a meditation teacher.

My parents are immigrants from Singapore who migrated here when my sister and I were five. They are of South Indian heritage. My parents are my biggest inspiration and pillars of support. With their support I was fortunate to attain a university qualification and was encouraged by them to pursue hobbies such as Indian classical dance. Expressing myself through dance was when I truly felt like I could reveal myself in a way that was safe and exciting.

Now having grown older, events in our life can change our course, or we can find ourselves in situations we never thought we’d find ourselves in.

Two years ago I had my first panic attack. Having studied psychology I was able to recognise some of the symptoms and confirmed with a therapist that I had generalised anxiety and social anxiety.

In recent years, I turned to other ways to express myself by writing and to ground myself, with meditation, hence my book: The Fall, Rise and Growth came to be. I believe writing the book was also what led me to study a meditation course.



Living AS I AM, is to live each moment with acceptance. Cultivating unconditional positive regard for myself, by accepting my strengths and weaknesses as well as the strengths and weaknesses of others. This isn’t always easy. Especially when caught between my own inner critic or the critic of others, my own validation or the validation of others.

When this happens one of the quotes I wrote to remind myself, that what I’m or others is doing is enough, is called: Placed. ~An excerpt from my book.


‘We are placed here to show the things we can do. When we try to accomplish something, it may not be the same thing everyone else is doing. It may not be the same thing as what the person better than you is doing.

But it is something, and that something is of value’.



Hey, I’m Dr. Diem. I am an industrial organisational psychologist with a passion for professional development and exponential growth. 

I was born and raised in rural Alabama, but have lived all over the world and in many states within the US. I now call Maryland (right outside of DC) home. I grew up in very humble beginnings to an undocumented immigrant father and schizophrenic mother. This resulted in serial homelessness and instability. I was also diagnosed with OCD, autism, and a learning disability at an early age. But I decided that I wanted more out of life. So, I made a plan! I joined the US Navy where I was able to gain exposure to many different cultures, places, people, ideas, and perspectives. I used every new opportunity to GROW! I focused on self-improvement which helped me develop a solid sense of self. I was then able to help develop others, starting with my wife and son who I uplift at all cost. 

Once my personal affairs were in order, I was finally able to put more of my resources and attention into my professional life. I completed my PhD, started a business, and formed a team. I concentrated on developing and nurturing my team versus productivity metrics. Before I knew it, I had a loyal and devoted group of experts in my corner as I took on million dollar contracts! I now spend my days as a Chief Experience Officer and Executive Coach, helping others GROW!



For me, this means simply being 100% authentically me. I do not believe in making myself small in order to make others around me feel big. Instead, I prefer to help them grow! I am fully aware of the stereotypes and biases around my appearance but refuse to allow the biases of others to dictate how I live my life or what I can accomplish. I make decisions for ME! I set goals for ME! I grow for ME! I am me, Diem Juel Mooney all day, every day, living as my true self. Increasing visibility and representation for others. 


Born and raised in Capetown, South Africa, I was a child and teenager of apartheid.

This forces you to grow up really fast knowing that the colour of your skin places you not only in danger but in a serious disadvantage for any kind of success in life.

At age 13, we immigrated to Australia – a land that promised a better life for me and my family.

I struggled immensely with the Australian culture and it took me years to find my place. But Australia offered me the chance to pursue my dream of music.

I auditioned for my first girl group at age 15 and I never stopped working towards my dream of being a famous international singer/songwriter and producer.

The year 2000 saw me take my career as a professional full-time musician and I have not stopped since.

I have travelled the world through music and toured with numerous artists such as… Kanye West, Kelly Rowland, Rhianna, Kate Ceberano, Christine Anu … just to name a few.

My joyous moment unfolded when my second album reached number 1 in the UK charts, allowing me to tour Europe and sing my own songs.

I now feel my calling of music lends itself more to healing people than just hitting the charts.

I am also heading into writing material that is more in alignment with consciousness and will be represented in a book and many other platforms.



On a daily basis I am understanding the concept of living only in my world and what that looks, feels and represents for me. I understand that this is a work in progress as I have latched onto other people’s desires and needs for their worlds.

The AS I AM message allows me to be okay with where I am in every moment, recognising when I am taking on beliefs, feelings and thoughts that are not in alignment with my world.

I have recently created a book of memories from my early childhood to this very moment so I can have tangible ideas of what is true for me. An example would be: I’ve always had the ability as a young child to feel when the energy around me is off and instead of thinking ‘I’ve done something wrong,’ it’s ok to ask the question of those around me… ‘Is everything ok?’

‘AS I AM… allows me to remember in every moment it’s not about being perfect but rather being honest about what is being presented in my life.’


My name is Mona Liban. I’m a writer, a storyteller and a nomad.

I’m currently travelling in East Africa, writing a historical narrative based on the beautiful, crazy, intricate stories of my family and our ancestors.

It’s funny because, growing up and being one of ten kids, I often turned to books for the peace and quiet I longed for. After school, I’d sit in front of the electric heater, shutting out all the noise at home and simply curling up with RL Stine or Peter Jennings or good ol’ Mr Dahl himself. Over time, I read everything I could get my hands on – poetry and memoirs and thrillers and classics and Mills and Boon.

It wasn’t just escapism I found in these books, but a deep understanding that, although my experiences were unique to me, I was never alone in how I felt.
Now I’m the storyteller, on a journey I’ve long dreamed of. A vision briefly delayed by conventional adulting but now in full force. I’m grateful.



For me, AS I AM is about acceptance and the magic of letting go. Letting go of how things should be and who we ought to be and what we should have done, by when. It’s releasing these incredibly natural (and often immediate) urges to fix or change the people we love and interact with. For me, it’s listening to praise and criticism without either attachment or aversion, respectively.

Living AS I AM is an understanding that all circumstances throughout my journey are temporary, impermanent, and the best I can do is be super grateful when it’s good and faithfully patient when it’s challenging.


‘It’s an everyday thing – a deliberate choice to accept myself AS I AM and, to embrace you as you are.’


‘I want to know if you are prepared to live in the world with its harsh need to change you?
If you can look back with firm eyes saying this is where I stand’

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