From raw comes roar.

AS I AM exists because life got so intense, our founder lost herself. She lived expectation to expectation, never stopping to question any of it. Until it broke her. So when she found her power and rediscovered herself, she was determined never to lose her way like that again. AS I AM is her reminder to stay true. Real and raw. And be there for anyone who might need help finding the strength to be themselves.

“The one person no one else in the world can be. That’s who we hope you find here: yourself, as you are.”

It’s time to be.

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You are welcome here, just as you are. Because we know what it’s like to need somewhere just to… be. We won’t ask you to smile, even though we know how good it can feel. We won’t reveal the secret to happiness, because we believe it’s different for everyone. And we’ll never pretend we’re ‘just like you’, because you’re unique.
Instead, we’ll give you a gentle reminder that who you are is absolutely fine, and let you take it from there. We’ll share stories of transformation: whether missteps or successes. And hope that you’ll share, too. We’ll welcome you, for all that you are. However you choose to be.


We appreciate what it feels like to be vulnerable, nude. At AS I AM, we’ve stripped ourselves of the facades and the false perfection.
Blemished. Beautiful. Raw.
At AS I AM, we value what’s real. We’ll show up. Share our stories. Be ourselves as we are in any moment. We might wear clothes to work, but emotionally speaking, we’re happy in the nude.



Every one of our timepieces is a simple, long-lasting reminder to take a moment among the minutes, for whatever is important to you. To empower you to love, hope, think, speak, stand, and be, just as you are. Crafted with quality materials into thoughtfully minimal designs, they are made to last and designed to adapt – to your story, your meaning.

Remind yourself to be. You, in this moment.

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